Traditional Dishes of Ladakh


  • Dumplings filled with minced meat, vegetables, or cheese
  • Steamed over soup and served with soup or chili sauce


  • Noodle soup with vegetables or chicken
  • Originated in eastern Tibet and became popular in Ladakh


  • Noodle soup with wheat flour dough cut into big pieces
  • Mixed with vegetables and mutton or yak meat


  • Daily meal made with wheat flour and water
  • Cooked with meat and vegetable preparation

Paba and Tangtur

  • Staple food of Ladakh
  • Paba: Edible dough made from roasted flours and peas
  • Tangtur: Buttermilk with wild local vegetables

Khambir and Butter Tea

  • Khambir: Pan-shaped bread made from whole wheat
  • Butter tea: Tea with added butter and salt


  • Local brew made by fermenting millet with yeast
  • Liquid extract is a slightly alcoholic beverage

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