Cancellation Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy
Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy


Recent developments of Covid19 Out brake Since March 3rd 2020 as it continues to increase risks in office regular working environment and as per Government of INDIA guidelines to maintain Social distancing, the projects or service, backups delay and disruptions are caused, this may lead to eventual delay in delivery and support, and among other things. NO CLAIMS WILL BE Excepted in this period since the given date till 31st December 2020 as it is a world wide description cause as it is likely to continue and impact on our lives. Due to this it has caused in a a decline in availability of manpower, and resources and interruptions in key supplies. As with the reduced capacity of networks and other connected factors and also as due to lockdown & frequent disruptions which are completely in category of natural disaster worldwide or factors like these which comes into this natural disaster or pandemic category.

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy:

We  adhere to refund/cancellation Policies for all the web services providing to our customers. To know the complete details about our policy, We request you to refer the respective service level agreement.

If a customer is willing to request for a cancellation then he/she has to send a mail to or they can raise a support ticket by clicking following link . Then our management team will analyze the issues deeply and advice you further for the process.

Further if the problem/issue is from our side, then client will get an activation code within one week of time from the date of his request raised. Money refund process will be taken care by team. If we do not receive any support ticket and client should have this ticket number which is sent by our system to the client email account, then their request won’t be considered as valid.

Money Refund Policy :

We adopts to various refund policies related to our different services. For More details please refer our individual service agreement. If a client requests for a cancellation of project, then we will not guarantee for the acceptance of refund. We will analyze the various factors involved in this project, such as verification of signed contract, Email Acceptance, signed electronically or physically signed between the two parties then only we decide to go for refund or not.

We are  not responsible for reimbursement for any transaction charges made on account of the project. Also amount send to third parties for the services rendered, or any miscellaneous charges that are not recoverable by Us being third party refund policies.

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